116 East 7th Street,
New York 10009

mochii store hours
monday 2pm–10pm
tuesday 2pm–10pm
wednesday 2pm–10pm
thursday 2pm–10pm
friday 1pm–11pm
saturday 1pm–11pm
sunday 1pm–10pm

about mochii

Each delicate light sweet are all individually handcrafted with quality ingredients. A batch of mochii can take up to 9 hours to make, all wrapped in a sticky rice dough with a variety of fillings. For this reason founder & chef Mimi Lau, believed that such a dessert would only feel right to be made by hand, and not machine. Here at mochii we like to take a playful spin by bringing together different cultures on how a simple rice flour can be used in many different forms. With our wide assortment of choices, each mochii holds a special treat inside with flavors that can make you feel like a kid again. As we recommend having this treat enjoyed with your hands, getting messy is just part of the fun. As sugary treats are now on the rise, we hope that our bite-size dessert can be a sustainable way to enjoy sweets without feeling guilty.